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Leading for the Future

Leading for the Future
Luke and Cynthia spent many years volunteering in their church's youth program. They wanted to give in a way that would impact future generations. At the same time, they were looking for a way to care for their family after they had gone to be with the Lord.

Luke: We could fund the trust with cash or stock and the trust would pay income to our church's youth program for a number of years, with the rest of the trust value going to our children in the future.

Cynthia: We liked the fact that our children would be well cared for and that we could help the youth program in our church.

Luke and Cynthia were also pleased to learn that taxes on the gift to their children would be significantly reduced by the added benefit of a gift tax charitable deduction.

Luke: Cynthia and I found that by using a charitable lead trust, we could accomplish our goals of helping both family and our church's youth program.

Is a charitable lead trust right for you?

A charitable lead trust can be an excellent part of many tax-planning strategies. If you have questions about lead trusts, please contact us.

*Please note: The names and image above are representative of a typical donor and may or may not be an actual donor to our organization.